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We hope you enjoy your visit! Our site provides information about our company, along with different information related to coins, bullion, history, and photography. We offer a number of items for sale in our Vcoins and Ebay stores on a regular basis, ranging from budget coins of the ancient world, to rare and high grade. You may also find Medieval, World, and US coins, Books, supplies, and antiquities. It all depends on what we have the opportunity to buy, so please check back! Items are listed on a regular basis as we get new stock in.



Visit our Ancient Coin Store on vcoins! We offer a good selection of coins from the Ancient world and are always adding new items.



We run weekly ancient coin auctions on ebay, usually ending on Saturday. Visit our ebay store here.



In addition to being dealers, we also enjoy collecting. Our main focal point are the coins of the Julio-Claudians, but there are also several other areas of interest. Enjoy!